LinkMaker: Durable Link Transformations

LinkMaker tries to transform links to articles and other ALADIN resources into durable links that are not dependent on your current session in ALADIN, the WRLC Libraries Catalog (OPAC) or any article databases.

If you enter a link to an article in an ALADIN database, LinkMaker will make the link durable by transforming it to an ALADIN URL to allow ALADIN to log the user of the link into the database for authenticated access. If the user is off-campus, then ALADIN will ask him or her to login to ALADIN the first time such a link is used. It will also pass the user through a proxy server so it appears like an on-campus connection to the database. Note, however, that some databases do not provide static links to articles; they might point to temporary storage that is cleared out periodically. LinkMaker has no way of knowing which databases might move articles. However, most databases have been tested and those that provide static article links are listed on LinkMaker's Databases menu.

Similarly, if your library uses WRLC's ERes server for posting electronic reserve material online, then LinkMaker will recognize a link for an article you find in ERes and transform it to go through ALADIN for authentication and off-campus access. The "durable" link can then be added to your campus courseware system (e.g. Blackboard or Prometheus) so students can access all course material from one place.

If you enter a link resulting from a search in the WRLC Libraries Catalog, LinkMaker will remove the session ID and other parameters that tie it to your OPAC session so the link can be used from a course page.